Conero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the fruit of the coexistence of “Man and Nature”. It is obtained by processing olives from the harmonious blend to the golden flow.

Since ancient times, the olive tree is a symbol of peace and has been considered a sacred tree. It is also a symbol of life, victory and celebrity.

The ancient Greeks considered the olive tree a sacred plant and used its branches to make crowns to reward winner athletes at the Olympics. Mythology claims that it was the goddess Athena who gifted Poseidon with the olive wreath as a precious symbol of union. As for the Romans, it identified an  illustrious man, for the Hebrews, it was associated with ideas of justice and wisdom.

Also in the Bible the olive has other meanings. In the book of Genesis, at the end of the universal flood, a dove brought an olive branch to Noah to announce that the earth was drying. From then on it assumed a double meaning: regeneration because, after the flood, the earth returned to relive and flourish again, and of peace because it proved the reconciliation between God and man. Subsequently, the olive tree also enters the Christian celebrations with Palm Sunday: Jesus retreats in meditation and prayer in an olive tree garden before being arrested. This tree therefore is enfolding Jesus during his last hours as a free man, as an instrument of reconciliation and peace for humanity.

the thousand uses of extra virgin olive oil

From times past until today oil is extensively used in ceremonies, rituals and consecrations. It is also used in cosmetics as a skin and hair ointment.

As “grandmother’s remedy” extra virgin olive oil is recommended to treat eye styes and to soothe irritated skin.

conero extra virgin olive oil

In the Marche region, and especially in the Conero hills, there is an optimal microclimate for the olive groves from which a delicious extra virgin oil is obtained to season and flavor food or to be enjoyed on a bruschetta. Tasting extra virgin olive oil is a sensory experience that makes you savor the many existing varieties.

Olive oil respects the earth, nature and man. It is a Mediterranean, long-lived and solar plant and it is part of the Italian culture. Italian olive trees, along with those Spanish and Greek, are among the most appreciated from over 300 different varieties in the world.

purchases and tastings

These major producers work in respect of this tree, of the land and of man’s work in our territory. Find below some links for more details:

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