Agugliano stands on top of the hill in the Ancona hinterland. It is a small town that can be explored walking and breathing an air of ancient history. The Castle and two Churches – Church of the Holy Sacrament and Church of St. Mary in Nazareth – emerge in the heart of the town and deserve a visit.

Unfortunately today only the walls and three towers of the Castle remain visible. The municipality of Agugliano includes 4 villages: Castel d’Emilio, Il Molino, La Chiusa and Borgo Ruffini.

Did you know that: the medieval magistrate Baldo d’Agugliano, mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy (Paradise. Canto XV) was born in Agugliano.

some information

Region: Marche

Province: Ancona

Abbreviation: AN

Post Code: 60020

Population: 4,941 residents

Area: 21.68 sq. Km

Altitude: 203 masl

Area code: 071

Name of the citizens: Aguglianesi  

Patron Saint: St Anastasio (Janyary 22)

Market day: Monday 8.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.


Companies, Activities, Craftsmen for your Shopping in the Marche

Fiori di Bacco

Braconi Az. Agricola

Ottica Marsili

a tavola

Some tips on where you can taste our typical dishes


Pizzeria Arte Pizza

Country da LIno

Ristorante Belvedere

festivals and events

Living Agugliano is joining the Spring Fair that takes place on a single day, Sunday, every year (date to be allocated). Stalls of all kinds of goods, from local artisans to the latest fancy articles, are spread throughout the town both inside and outside the castle walls and you can enjoy all that wandering, and crunching delicious snacks from the fair.

FESTIVAL OF ARTISAN ICE CREAM MAKING. It is one of the most important events and one of the points of reference for master gelato makers from all over the world. It takes place in June and you can see the international level ice cream master makers at work and experience the gluttonous tasting of classic, unusual and spicy gelato flavours.


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