Filottrano has an elegant and harmonious eighteenth-century architecture. A short walk in the center of the town lets you discover noble palaces and historic houses. Not to be missed is the small staircase called “Porticella” leading to the church of St. Mary of the Angels.

Until 1950s the economy was predominantly peasant, afterwards this city was transformed into a tailor-made destination, creating the “made in Filottrano”. You can now shop at numerous textile companies.

Filottrano is deeply linked with traditions and folklore that are protagonists of several festivals that cheer up the local evenings. In July you can taste the genuine peasant cuisine at the Threshing Feast. The Contest of the Boot takes place the first Sunday of August. On Saturdays you can see the Permanent Exhibition of World War II Relics at the Town Hall (advanced reservation required) and then continue to the Church of S. Mary of the Angels where a permanent exhibition of statues from the nativity scene of Lecce is set up.

Museum of Biroccio Marchigiano
Born as a simple agricultural wagon, the biroccio later assumed various functions in the rural life of the central Italian regions, until it acquired aesthetic value which in the Marche region has turned into conspicuous polychrome decorations differentiated by geographical locations.

Beltrami Museum
The museum hosts many artifacts of indigenous people from Mesoamerica, ranging from objects of the tribes of the great lands (painted skins, bows and arrows, calumet, sheaths for daggers, belts with rattles) to Aztec and Mexican terracottas, engraved coconuts, stone axes, worked shells, painted pumpkins from Mesoamerica and Haiti. In the next hall there is an exhibition of Mexican herbarium, a malacology collection, minerals and stones from the Mexican mines, other than G.C. Beltrami personal weapons and belongings and its manuscript from the volume “Le Mexique”.

 Centofinestre Villa
The Centofinestre villa, in neoclassical style and renovated by Ghinelli an architect in 1827, has one of the largest gardens in the region.

Filottrano Stemma

some information

Region: Marche

Province: Ancona

Abbreviation: AN

Post Code: 60024

Population: 9,621 residents 

Area: 70.25 sq. Km

Altitude: 270 masl

Area code: 071

Name of the citizens: Filottranesi

Patron Saint: St. Michael (May 8)

Market-day: Friday 8.00am – 2.00pm
Etimology: For a long time its name is believed to come from an undefined person’s name with the addition of the suffix “anus”. Probably it is the reduction of Filiorum Octrani or Mons Filiorum Octrani mount of Ottrano’sons.


Companies, Activities, Craftsmen for your Shopping in the Marche

Tessuti Mazzarini

Sogno di Sposa

Il Salotto della Moda

a tavola

Some tips on where you can taste our typical dishes

Osteria Della Contesa

Il Pentolaio

Taverna Dell’Arco

La Roverella


Every first Sunday of August for over 30 years this commemorative tradition takes place with a race to compete for the boot.

It started in 1466 when the relations between Filottrano and Osimo were very tense and often generated conflicts. During a punitive expedition the Osimani made some noble Filottranesi prisoners and took many horses and oxen away. Then the Filottranesi captured an Osimano keeping him by his boot but he managed to escape leaving his boot in their hands. The boot then became the symbol of the revenge on the Osimani: from that day on, every year young filottranesi wander around the town a phantom man of straw with a boot which is finally burned after jeers and jokes.

For the entire duration of the event touring shows of medieval music and jesters are scheduled, a “Junior Contest” and a “Mini Contest”, a costume parade, medieval games, an encampment, taverns with themed menus, flag-wavers and tambourines and, finally, the winning Contrada sets the Phantom on fire.

Filottrano Contesa dello Stivale


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