“A Ofagna si nun ce porti nun se magna.” Popular proverb

Taking a walk through Offagna means taking a dip into the past, into history, into fairy tales and imagination, feeling part of an era that vibrates in imagined memories. Offagna stands tall in a strategic position on a 306 metres high cliff of tuff, the Mount Sentino, which is one of the highest points of the Osimo-Camerano-Gallignano-Polverigi quadrilateral. Its medieval castle predominates amidst a breathtaking panoramic position.

Visiting the town means discovering…

Museum Of The Fortress, remarkable example of military architecture of the period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Museum of Natural Sciences “L. Paolucci”. The halls host part of the finds from the collections of the Ancona distinguished naturalist student (L. Paolucci 1849-1935). Paolucci graduated in Veterinary Sciences and was a brilliant teacher and then Principal of the Royal Technical College in Ancona, where, after some years of direction of the Cabinet of Sciences, he established the Marche Regional Museum of Natural History.

Museum of The Liberation of Ancona, one of the places of memories. Using the Latin etymology we can say it is a monument because the word “moneo” (to warn, admonish) combines with the word “memento” (to remember).

Offagna Stemma

some information

Region: Marche

Province: Ancona

Abbreviation: AN

Post Code: 60020

Population: 1,927 residents

Area: 10.53 sq. Km

Altitude: 306 masl

Area Code: 071

Name of the citizens: Offagnesi

Patron Saint: St. Bernardino (May 20)

Market-day: Friday 8.00am – 2.00pm


Companies, Activities, Craftsmen for your Shopping in the Marche

Malacrì Az. Agricola

La Lavanda – Aromaterapia

Pasticceria Piero

a tavola

Some tips on where you can taste our typical dishes

Il Cresciolo

Sotto La Rocca

Trattoria Alocco

offagna and the middle ages

The last week of July, during the Medieval Festival, Offagna relives the magic of an ancient medieval town that still today attracts our senses with the strength of its contrasts: bright colors and dark atmospheres, sumptuous ceremonies and pitiful poverty, rough jamboree and sweet religiosity.

During the Medieval Festivals the town dresses in the Middle Ages and it is crowded with courtesans and knights. An entire week dedicated to traditions of a distant time of magic, juggling, warriors and challenges that animate the historic center of Offagna.

Offagna Feste Medievali
Castello di Offagna

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