Mystery and discovery will guide you into the ancient Urbe Auximum, a Roman colony in the Piceno territory. Remains from an ancient past are the Roman walls which have witnessed some important historical facts, as well as some founts scattered throughout the city (such as Fonte Magna), and the Roman acephalous statues – the origin of the appellative “Headless” that point to the Osimani.

Coming from the central piazza Boccolino and going along the avenue, you will get into the real historical center: aristocrat palaces, an elegant theater, shops and sophisticated cafés where to enjoy an aperitivo (a pre-dinner drink). Swarming people and shops animate the city center, whilst silence and quiet reign throughout the underground city of Osimo. The Cantinone Caves and Dante Square Caves deserve a visit; walking through tunnels and passages dug into the sandstone and enigmatic high reliefs will make you experience a mysterious adventure.

some information

Region: Marche

Province: Ancona

Abbreviation: AN

Post Code: 60027

Population: 34,411 residents

Area: 105.42 sq. Km

Altitude: 265 masl

Area Code: 071

Name of the citizens: Osimani

Patron Saint: St. Joseph from Copertino (September 18)

Market-Day: Thursday 8.00am – 2.00pm

Etimology:  Once called Auximum, in relation to the Greek word auximon “fruitful”.


Companies, Activities, Craftsmen for your Shopping in the Marche

La Bottega dei Sapori


Punto & Virgola Cartolibreria

a tavola

Some tips on where you can taste our typical dishes

Osteria Dell’Arco Vecchio


Ristorante Uva

osimo caves

Let yourself get into an evocative discovery of the underground tunnels of Osimo dug about 2,500 years ago by ancient peoples. A guided tour takes about 40/45 minutes for each cave.

Temperature inside the caves is about 13°C. In summertime, we suggest you wear comfortable shoes and a sweatshirt. On weekends, holidays, and in bad weather conditions, reservation is recommended.

For more information visit the Osimo Turism website.

Grotte Osimo

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