what to eat in portonovo

In Portonovo you can just taste the sea! The local fish, like the famous mussels (moscioli) of Portonovo, is combined in tasty recipes rich in flavor and color. Many options to chose from and each of them will be an intense and joyful experience to discover tasty local dishes.


The wild mussels of Portonovo are very particular in the Bay, and they have been a Slow Food presidium since 2004. Mussels are called “moscioli” in this area, which grow naturally in a particula part of the sea, from Pietralacroce (Ancona) up to Sirolo. They are wild mussels, with a spectacular taste, and the fishing is controlled and limited. The Mosciolo is the most important dish in Portonovo: you can taste it with pasta, or cooked in the “tarantina” style; stuffed with minced meat and parmesan cheese; roasted or simply eat raw mussels with lemon juice. Its taste will surprise you. This is the only place where you can find “the Mosciolo” and every year an event called Mosciolando takes place right in the Bay of Portonovo to celebrate its taste. Click here for some mussels recipes.


Here is a list of restaurants in Portonovo:

Il Boschetto di Portonovo Phone 071-801540

Telephone number 071-801540 – Visit the website

Moscioli Everyday and Live Music every Friday