what to see in portonovo

Portonovo is characterized by spotted monuments, immersed in nature, which testify to the rich history of this landscape. These monuments are the medieval church of St. Mary of Portonovo, the Clementine Tower and the Napoleonic Fortino (Fortress). Also two brackish water ponds are a worthwhile visit, extremely interesting from a naturalistic point of view: the Deep Lake and the Calcagno Lake (or Large Lake). And the wonderful beaches with crystal clear water are not to be missed! Mezzavalle beach is the first on the list

Chiesa Santa Maria Portonovo


The Church of St. Mary – Abbey of Portonovo offers the visitor a timeless, evocative and romantic setting. Built after 1034 A.D. by Benedictine monks in Romanesque style, it is a jewel in the foothills of the mountain and by the sea. A view from the sea turns this small church shape into a white pearl but a view from the peaks of the mountain makes it appear as if one is kneeling in the sea. We suggest a visit to breathe the magic of it.

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napoleonic fortino

The Napoleonic Fortino (now modified into a hotel) is located a few meters from the beach, in a suggestive landscape, in a perfect combination of history and nature. Together with the two most famous rocks of Portonovo (Le Due Sorelle), this Fortino generates a special emotional impact because of its rare example of coastal fortification (raised in 1810 by the Viceroy of Italy Eugenio de Beauharnais).

Built as a defense, it was the scenery of the historic battle of Portonovo and nowadays the Garrison and the Corsairs of Ancona often reenact the battle in this place. The Hoplology and Military Academy of Ancona together with the Promoting Committee “Porto Nuovo 1811” are dedicated to the historical military events reconstruction.

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Fortino Napoleonico
Lago Portonovo


Deep Lake and Calcagno Lake (or Large Lake) are two characteristic ponds offering a variety of brackish water and gentler water ecosystems. Both are dated back to the same ancient time the bay of Portonovo originated, due to a huge landslide from the overlying area of Pian Grande. Despite the small area, these ponds are very important for the various species of animals that find shelter all year round, such as turtles and mallards. And they are very special places for birdwatchers!

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beach of mezzavalle

Arriving in Mezzavalle beach is an intense emotional journey, whether you arrive from the sea or from the pathway, just lay back on this enchanting and endless oasis. Its white pebbles make it one of the most desirable beaches of the Conero Riviera. It is located in a natural inlet and can be reached either by walking, boating, cycling or on horseback. But no matter how, your effort to reach Mezzavalle will be rewarded with a unique view, thus breathing and diving in the sea will be a pleasure.

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Spiaggia di Mezzavalle
cosa vedere a portonovo

clementine tower

The Clementine Tower (also called De Bosis Tower or Guard’s Tower or simply Portonovo Tower) is a beautiful observation tower and a historic residence of the distinguished De Bosis family. This is a construction based on a sketch autographed by Leonardo Da Vinci. The tower was the inspirer of the famous “Hymn to the Sea” by Adolfo De Bosis with a subtitle “From the Hermitage of Mount Conero, one morning in September”. Today this tower is one of the most characteristic buildings of the Conero Riviera and a venue for a cultural association. It is open to the public only during special cultural events, so if you are lucky enough to be present during one of these extraordinary openings, climb the stairs up to the terrace to admire a breathtaking view of the Bay.

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